About Norsk folkemusikklag

Norsk folkemusikklag is the Norwegian National Committee of the International Council for Traditional Music. Norsk folkemusikklag (NFL), was founded in 1948 by then vice-president of the ICTM, doctor Ole Mørk Sandvik, as one of the very first national committees. As of January 2022 the Committee has 128 members, mainly scholars, but also musicians, dancers, composers and others with a scholarly interest in the various fields of traditional music and dance. NFLs aims to further the study, practice, documentation, preservation, and dissemination of traditional music and dance of Norway.

The board

Bjørn Aksdal
President and editor of Music and Tradition
Phone: +47 95 10 20 03

Sveinung Søyland Moen
Vice President, Treasurer and Web Editor
Phone: +47 97 59 49 32

Andrea Kasbo Rygh
Membership Officer
Phone: +47 97 09 65 24

Tom Willy Rustad
Seminar Officer
Phone: +47 97 71 33 29

Angun Sønnesyn Olsen
Board member
Phone: +47 90 06 41 50

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